Buy Organic Medjool (Medjoul) Dates

What are Medjool Dates?


Medjool dates are the fruits of the "Phoenix metro dactylifera" which is the date hand tree. There are several ranges belonging to this household. The most familiar selections are Deglet Nour, Medjool as well as Halawi.

The Medjool days variety became popular because of its intense pleasant taste, plus size and soft juicy texture.

The Medjool is also called Medjoul, Madjhul, Medjul. Often we hear unique names as "King of Dates", The "Day of the Kings", Jumbo Dates, and so forth, they are all describe the Medjool Dates.

Where are Medjool Dates expanding?

Medjool Dates are growing in warm, completely dry climates. There are big commercial haciendas in Israel, Jordan Valley, Palestinian Authority, UNITED STATES- The Golden State, Mexico, South Africa, Namibia, Morocco, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

Every year the trees offer one harvest. Harvest for the North Hemisphere is between September to November, and also in the Southern Hemisphere in between March as well as May.

Where are our Medjool Dates coming from?

buy-bio. eu imports the dates from Jordan Valley which is in between the dead sea and also the sea of Gaillilee.

Why? The Jordan Valley Medjool dates have a special quality: they are darker, softer, juicier contrast to other origins.Do you want to discover more concerning the social elements of our dates? Find out more right here

Why acquire natural Medjool Dates?

Organic certified dates are expanded without artificial pesticide as well as fertilizers. This is better for the setting, soil, workers and us, that consume the dates. This comes at a cost.Organic days are concerning 25% -30% extra pricey than standard dates. The reason for this is that farmers have lower yield, and in some cases lots of days are not ideal for export due to insect damage.So we enjoy to pay a bit extra for organic product, to compensate our farmers for their extra effort.

How are the Medjool Dates dealt with after harvest?

After the harvest, dates are brought to the packaging home and also go right into solar disinfection for few hrs (+/ -50 C). Days are not irradiated or further treated.

How are we sorting Medjool Dates?

Medjool days are arranged into dimensions, which is identified by grams per fruit and also sorted according to skin separation- the amount that the skin hangs from the date fruit-meat.

This high quality sorting is purely optical.That means that all the export days are actually the exact same concerning interior high quality, quality, taste, appearance etc. Sometimes high skin separation appears like the date is "dried out" nevertheless the exact reverse is proper. High skin splitting up is typically a signs and symptom of very succulent damp date.

More pricey dates (larger with reduced skin splitting up) are not more delicious or better than smaller days with higher skin splitting up.

Exactly how to save Medjool Dates?

You can save Medjool Dates in many ways. It is permitted to re- freeze days because of the low active water material and also therefore low bacterial activity in the Dates.

Anyhow trust fund yourselfand your nose when making a decision buy medjool dates online if the dates are still excellent or not.

You can buyorganic Medjool dates here, directly from the importer. Highest for the very best rate

Medjool dates are the fruits of the "Phoenix metro dactylifera" which is the day hand tree. The Jordan Valley Medjool days have an unique quality: they are darker, softer, juicier contrast to various other origins.Do you want to learn even more concerning the social facets of our days? The reason for this is that farmers have lower yield, and also sometimes several dates are not ideal for export because of insect damage.So we are satisfied to pay a little bit more for organic item, to compensate our farmers for their added hard work.

You can save Medjool Dates in numerous means. It is enabled to re- freeze days due to the fact that of the low energetic water web content and for that reason reduced microbial task in the Dates.